We truly appreciate your referral

Our service and communication will reflect our appreciation. In addition to providing excellent care for your patient, Dr. Ponkey can be reached directly on her cell phone at any time.

We have same day and next day appointments.

We offer ultrasound, consultation and co-management but do not do deliveries, so you will never lose a patient to our practice. Every patient is seen by the physician and given the results of her ultrasound at the time of her visit.

Our reports go out by the following morning, with a same day verbal or text report when needed.

When requested, Dr. Ponkey’s expertise in genetic screening allows a couple to choose the most appropriate testing option for their specific clinical situation. We follow up any abnormal result with the option of genetic counseling for the couple. We are also happy to provide genetic counseling for any abnormal result obtained in your office.

We accept most insurance plans, with our list being continuously expanded.

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