Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics

Dr. Ponkey is the only physician in Arizona that is Board Certified in both Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics, offering unparalleled expertise. Her experiences as a nurse and mother of six make her uniquely qualified to deliver that expert care with the upmost compassion.

Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists or Perinatologists care for pregnant women who have unexpected complications or high-risk pregnancies. We work alongside your obstetrician or obstetric provider to optimize your care so you don’t have to switch practices.

Genetics and Perinatology go hand in hand. Although 97% of babies are born healthy, when a genetic disorder or birth defect can be diagnosed prenatally it allows preparation which can often improve outcome. When requested we offer many types of genetic screening for parents and/or the pregnancy without any risk to the baby!

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Brand new state-of-the-art ultrasound technology
with 2D, 3D and 4D HD Live!

We will also send pictures of your baby to your phone so you can share with family and friends immediately!

2d ultrasound gilbert

2D allows us to see inside your baby, for reassurance that the baby is developing normally.

3d ultrasound gilbert

3D allows us to see the surface of your baby like a photo, for example, the face, to see what the baby looks like.

4d ultrasound live gilbert

4D allows us to see the surface of your baby in real time, like a video of the baby’s movements. HD Live (High-Definition) makes 4D even more clear!